Hello! My name is Marcia. I made this blog to write about Dungeons & Dragons, but it might delve into some of my other interests too.

RPG system with modular rules

An outline for the basic premise of my heartbreaker. Let’s condense the six traditional D&D stats into three that I personally find useful: Physique, Intelligence, and Wisdom. These three can be referred to for a wide variety of tasks. Similar to this post, though, I’m thinking about using stats that aren’t descriptive but extremely gamey. … Continue reading RPG system with modular rules

Dungeon game

I’m writing a modular system where each new ‘game’ takes up one A5 page. It’s not completely standalone since it presupposes that players have at least three stats {Physique, Intelligence, Wisdom}, that monsters have at least one stat {Power}, and that there are reaction rolls. This is 100% for experimentation, since I don’t expect to … Continue reading Dungeon game